Business Phone Numbers

Your business can be much more memorable. Stay private and show your professionalism with business numbers.

The time to stop using conventional landlines is here. Get virtual phone numbers for your organization to stop being tailored to any physical limits. Corporate business lines and numbers from Beta Company can be used from any place and on any device. Calling with personal cell phones is not needed and becoming redundant.

Why shifting to Virtual Numbers is a Must-have for your business?

Here are the 4 ways your company can benefit from them

It makes it easier to identify your company

The company's phone number is its face. Enhance its expertise and catch the eye of your customers - the clients will remember it. Create an Image of a well-known and established company.

You can perform personalized communication with clients of yours

Browse the range of Corporate Telephone numbers of 80+ countries available. Adjust the communication to increase your client’s satisfaction.

Secure and reliable cloud phone system

BetaCompany provides your business peace of mind knowing that all your communications are protected during the entire transmission journey. Data travels through encrypted networks with layers of authentication for additional security.

Premium technical support

From day one, BetaCompany will assist you in setting up and configuring your phone system. Our award-winning customer support team will provide you with expert technical support, consultations, and best-practice recommendations.

Number types

Types of business phone numbers

Landline and mobile virtual phone numbers for calls can be used to receive and make calls. Such a number will have the code (local or mobile) of your choice, with calls directed to your corporate office location, or to your employees directly.

Toll-free multichannel numbers usually have the area code of “800” and they are a great fit for businesses. Such numbers make it possible for your clients to call you with no need to pay any calling charges.

Receive SMS from your users, or be able to create Connected Corporate messenger and Social Media accounts to unify your company’s image online.

Get Started with 4 Simple Steps

Choose Your Number

Select a type of service you need: Voice, Toll-Free, SMS.

Add Funds to your balance

Add funds to your account with more than 50 payment methods such as Crypto, Visa/Mastercard, and many others.

Wait for the activation

Let us control the activation process – it takes no longer than a day.

Start Operating

Start servicing your prospects and existing clients, and receive calls instantly.

Why Beta Company?

With Beta, you get much more than a single Business Phone Number

Designed to fit your business purposes

Improve your company’s communications with features and functionalities designed for businesses.

Build a trustful connection with your clients

Connect your customers with responsible agents by utilizing a system of interactive responses called IVR. Stop making customers who call you wait on a call. And decrease the redirects for them to go through.

Customize the experience for all of the clients of yours around the world

Simplify the way your clients around the world can reach you with numbers from Beta Company. Establish your business presence around the world.

A cloud-based system that is always with you

Set up an innovative VoIP system on a device of your choice, or just on the web. Just download an app and connect within 3 minutes. Make and Receive international calls conveniently.

Rapid system installation

Set up calling with no complications. Most Business numbers you choose become ready to receive and make calls within a day.

Superior customer care

Our professional support agents will be providing your company with a live consultation and expertise.  You and your colleagues will be guided through our offerings and provided with the solution you need.

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