We invite you to become a partner

Beta Company focuses on telecommunication services, voice data and voice communication. We provide services for our customer for more than 12 years, by issuing telecommunication solutions to suit our clients individual needs (business or personal). We are constantly developing our projects Hottelecom and Freeje and we invite you to contribute into.

How you can become our partner

You can cooperate with us by 2 different approaches:

A user who has decided to buy our services, gives you his/her email address and phone number he/she would like to use for account registration. You create a user interface page in a reseller section of your personal account and start earning! Each new user connected to your reselling program is assigned to you permanently and generates revenue throughout the period of use of our service.

Beta Company Affiliate Program is working on the PPS (Pay Per Sell) basis. To earn an income you need to forward the web-traffic from web-sites, search engines, e-mail campaigns or any other source to our affiliate network web-sites. You will get the financial reward every time your client make a purchase.

Another opportunities for cooperation

Besides our Affiliate Programand Reseller Program , we are open for suggestions or propositions. If you have any idea/ suggestion/ opportunity, which can help us to develop and grow our business, or you want to invest, do not hesitate to contact us to or fill the form.