In 2008 our company launched a project called HotTelecom. Because of this cost-effective solution, we enabled many different companies to increase number of their customers, to extend their market share and to open offices in other regions.  But as market has tendency to develop constantly – we always improve our services and add new features. In fact, virtual numbers have already turned into offices, that can function autonomously, according to the scenario of the customer without necessity to hire big number of secretaries.


In 2010 Beta Company came to grip with the development and implementation of the innovation for the mobile platforms. Here our mobile app Freeje was born. Because of Its simplicity, excellent quality of connection, inexpensiveness and complete lack of problems associated with roaming, Freeje constantly attracts more and more customers. In addition, as we keep with the times, we provide absolutely free services for the users of social networks.


In 2016 chatbots took the stage. Beta Company decided not to stay ahead and to create a solution allowing to make calls through the GSM network, paying local «home» tariffs.

Unlike the VOIP calls, Tviggo does not require high quality of Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G etc) to transfer voice data, that’s why it provides you with the best possible quality of call, no matter what speed of Internet you have.

We offer unlimited international calls mobile-to-mobile for a fixed monthly fee.

Currently, the service is available in Kazakhstan, Germany, Poland, Tajikistan, Italy, Russia, Ukraine and it is continiuosly expanding its network.


2017 is a special year for us — we are going to release something really great. We call the project «5thGPhone» — and it is the technology, that will break the borders for voice communication. No more need for roaming and for having several SIM cards. More details are coming soon.


We offer a unique opportunity to make your personal app for calls within your company or clients. It is fully branded with your corporate style, includes only necessary tools and is 100% safe and secure. Contact us to discuss the details.