Wholesale VoIP Provider

For businesses searching for wholesale VoIP providers that want to be able to sell the service to their customers and increase profit margins by being able to bring their own carriers

What We Offer

If you are planning to order multiple numbers you can apply to become a Wholesale Partner. As a Wholesale Partner you get:

As a wholesale client, you receive discounts on the number setup prices, monthly fees, call and SMS traffic depending on the scale of your operations. The discount increases as your total turnover increases.

The discount amount is set up for each order. At the start, discounts can be up to 15%, with more orders and traffic, this amount can be changed.

Betacompany provides multiple unique number directions that are exclusive for us and our partners.

BetaCompany is a trustful carrier-grade system  with more than 17  years of experience in VoIP communication.

Our professional support team will be helping to solve your technical issues. You will have a dedicated support manager assigned to you. Support can be provided through multiple channels, such as:

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Phone Calls
  • Social Media
What we provide

Additional Services

Apart from Virtual numbers for calls, SMS, or Both. We also provide excellent services to our Cloud PBX. It makes it easier to operate multiple numbers and works great for offices and remote corporate teams. Here is a small portion of what can be included:

  • “Black” and “white” lists   
  • Voicemail service
  • Automatically forwarding calls schedule
  • Complicated IVR-tree recording (recording + configuration)   
  • Conditional call forwarding   
  • Conversation recording   
  • Extension dialing
How to become Wholesale VoIP Provider

How can you become a Wholesale Partner?

To apply you can fill a form, and include following:

  • The country you are going to be operating in
  • What services are you interested in
  • Do you already have apre-determined client base?
  • Expected traffic and its growth for the next year

    and our manager will contact you.

Become our Wholesale Partner